Developing a Management Plan

Questions for Adult Patients With ADHD

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When meeting with an adult patient after a diagnosis of ADHD has been established, it is important to understand where the patient and his or her family are within the symptom management process.

Consider the following:

  • Has the patient accepted the diagnosis?
  • Have other family members accepted the diagnosis?
  • What education about ADHD and its management have the patient and the family received?
  • Is the patient currently taking any medication for ADHD?
  • Is the medication effective at controlling the patient's ADHD symptoms? Are there any side effects?
  • Does the patient have any concerns/questions about medication, side effects, or dosage? If so, has he or she discussed these concerns or questions with the prescribing physician?
  • What psychosocial therapy for ADHD has the patient received?
  • What steps has the patient taken at home to help manage ADHD symptoms?
  • Is the patient aware of college or workplace accommodations for which he or she may qualify?
  • Have any other family members been diagnosed with ADHD?