Who Might Be Included on an ADHD Management Team?

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ADHD management often involves a team approach—a group of health care professionals each providing a different type of therapy. These professionals may include:

In order to get the advice and information you need, you should feel comfortable with the members of your ADHD management team. When choosing team members, think about factors such as their past experience with ADHD, their management methods, and how well they communicate. Also, for the health care professionals on your team, check which insurance plans they accept.

How to choose a health care professional

It's worth the effort to find a qualified health care professional for the diagnosis and management of ADHD. If you do a little interviewing up front, you may increase your chances of finding the right professional for you. You may find it helpful to talk to others about what they like—and don't like—about the professionals they've seen. Use their opinions to develop a list of what is important to you. Your list may include questions like these:

  • How much experience does this professional have with ADHD?
  • What methods does this professional use to treat ADHD?
  • What insurance plans does this office accept?
  • Does this professional, and his or her staff, make me feel at ease?

Collect the names of two or three health care professionals and schedule a time to have a discussion, in person or over the phone.

Who else might be included on your ADHD support team?

  • Your spouse or partner
  • Your parents, other family members, and friends
  • ADHD support groups
  • Social workers
  • Teachers