Supporting Students with ADHD in School

Study Buddies/Paired Learning

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Many students with ADHD find it helpful to work with a classmate who helps them remember to complete their schoolwork and homework. This classmate may be called a study buddy. For older students, working with this type of partner may also be called "paired learning."

What does a study buddy do?

A study buddy helps students remember their schoolwork, homework, and tests. Study buddies can also assist with schoolwork and homework by helping their partners:

  • Practice skills they have learned
  • Study for tests

Students can teach their study buddies about subjects they know well.

What is your role in setting up a study buddy relationship?

If a student or parent/caregiver approaches you about setting up a study buddy relationship, meet with both the parent/caregiver and the student to discuss the areas in which the student needs extra help.

Before the student starts to work with a study buddy, you should let him or her know about:

  • The guidelines the student and his or her study buddy should follow when working with one another
  • When they will meet and how long these meetings will last

Paired learning may benefit all of your students if you implement it as a class-wide strategy.