Understanding ADHD

Symptoms of ADHD

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The following are possible symptoms of ADHD:

Inattentive Symptoms
Difficulty paying attention to details/makes careless mistakes
Has difficulty sustaining attention
Often unable to follow through on tasks
Trouble with organization
Avoids tasks requiring sustained mental effort
Often loses things
Easily distracted
Forgetful in daily activities
Hyperactive/Impulsive Symptoms
Has trouble staying seated
Excessive running/climbing or restlessness
Trouble with quiet activities
Needs to be "on the go"
Often talks too much
Blurts out answers
Difficulty awaiting turn
Interrupts conversations or intrudes on others

Symptoms may look different in students of different ages.

Having some of these symptoms of adhd does not necessarily mean a student has adhd. Only a health care professional can accurately diagnose ADHD.

Click here to learn which health care professionals are qualified to diagnose ADHD.