Supporting Students with ADHD in School

Helpful Homework Hints Helping Students Organize Projects

Supporting Students with ADHD in School

Helping Students Organize Projects

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Students with ADHD who have trouble with organization and are often unable to follow through on tasks may find projects challenging. When attempting to help these students, think about implementing the following strategies:

  • When introducing projects into a unit, it may help to walk students through a plan to divide the project into small steps (ie, model the writing of a step-by-step checklist of the smaller tasks that students will need to do along the way).
  • Show them how to work backward from the due date to figure out when they must complete these activities.
  • Encourage students to make sure that they have all of the supplies they need to accomplish these tasks before they start working on the project.

The Tools You Can Use section contains a Project Planner tool that may help students organize this type of plan.

Don't forget to notify the parents and caregivers of students with ADHD each time you assign a project to alert them about the project and request their help in monitoring progress.