Supporting Students with ADHD in School

Helpful Homework Hints Helping Students Organize Projects

Supporting Students with ADHD in School

Helpful Homework Hints

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Students with ADHD may have trouble remembering and/or completing homework because they may have difficulty paying attention to details, be forgetful, avoid tasks requiring sustained mental effort, or often be unable to follow through on tasks.

Consider implementing the following tips, which may help them with these efforts:

Laying the groundwork

  • Provide students with brief, clearly written instructions.
  • When possible, deliver instructions one at a time, breaking them down into manageable steps. Provide pictures if appropriate.
  • Ask students with ADHD to repeat your instructions back to you so that you can determine whether they understand the directions.

Helping students remember their homework

  • Remind students to check the homework assignment board before they leave school for the day.
  • Check that students with ADHD have their materials, books, and assignments recorded and in their backpacks at the end of the day, or:
    • Consider assigning row captains to check this for you for every student in the class.
  • If your school has classroom-based websites, keep yours up to date so students can check it for any homework assignments they may have missed.

Monitoring progress

  • Maintain regular communication with the parents and caregivers of your students with ADHD to:
    • Make sure they know about important homework assignments and projects.
    • Provide and obtain feedback on various homework issues.
  • If students are having difficulty completing their homework in an appropriate amount of time, consider reducing the number of homework problems assigned without decreasing the level of content reviewed.