Understanding ADHD

How ADHD Is Managed

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ADHD management often involves a team approach. Typically, ADHD is managed with a treatment plan that includes several different components. Select a topic to learn more.

Behavior Therapy

A management program that teaches people how to replace negative behaviors with positive behaviors. Behavior interventions are typically a central component of in-school management plans for students with ADHD.

Coaching for ADHD

A professional ADHD coach can help teach skills and strategies to help manage daily tasks.


How are medications used to manage ADHD?

  • Several medications have been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat ADHD.
  • Medicine may not be right for everyone. Parents or caregivers should talk with the student's doctor to determine if medication is appropriate to help manage the student's ADHD symptoms.
  • Although medication is not a cure, it is thought to help the areas of the brain that control attention and behavior. However, the exact way these medications work is not known.
  • The doctor can work with the student's parents or caregivers to find out which ADHD medication works best.
  • It may take time to find the right medication and dose level.
  • As with all medications, ADHD medications must be used properly.
  • If a student's doctor prescribes medication as part of the management plan, it is important that it is taken exactly as prescribed.