Supporting Students with ADHD in School

Easing Transitions

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Preparing Students for Transitions

Students with ADHD may run or climb excessively or need to be "on the go." Discussing transitions before they occur and using role-playing techniques to teach appropriate behavior may make transitions easier for these students.

It may be helpful to have students practice the steps they need to take before they leave the classroom for another activity. Sample steps might include:

  • Moving quickly and quietly from one area of the room to another
  • Putting away materials or returning chairs and school supplies to their place
  • Leading elementary school students in songs or rhymes that guide them to clean up or get in line

Moving Back Into the Classroom

It is also important to smooth the transition back into the classroom for students with ADHD. When guiding students back from outside activities, consider:

  • Meeting them at the end of lunch, recess, or physical education periods and walking them quietly back to the classroom
  • Playing music, singing, or reading for a few minutes to help calm them after they have returned to the classroom