Supporting Students with ADHD in School

Topics You May Want to Discuss

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When a student with ADHD is placed in your class, you may want to discuss one or more of the following topics with his or her parents or caregivers (and, potentially, other school support team members):

  • Establishing daily routines at school for students who have trouble with organization—especially for those who will be learning to navigate the ins and outs of having different teachers for different subjects
  • Reviewing classroom rules and behaviors with their children if you are speaking with the parents or caregivers of students who tend to have hyperactive/impulsive symptoms; asking parents and caregivers to remind their children that the rules are posted on a bulletin board in the classroom
  • Designing seating plan(s) for students who get easily distracted or have difficulties with listening (potentially including seating them near you; with other students who tend to stay on task; and away from windows, doors, or any other high-traffic areas)
  • Providing additional support for students whose schoolwork is being affected by their ADHD symptoms
  • Setting long-term and short-term goals that can be tracked objectively to measure student progress

A Note About Transition Plans

When a student with ADHD is transferring into your class, you may want to review the written documentation of any additional support the student might have. Speaking with the student's most recent teacher(s), the school principal, and the school psychologist may also help.