How Is ADHD Managed?

Behavior Therapy

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Behavior therapy, or behavior modification, is often part of an ADHD management plan. Behavior therapy can help to increase positive behaviors and decrease the frequency of negative behaviors, thoughts, and feelings that occur with ADHD.

Not everyone with ADHD requires behavior therapy. As a parent, family member, or caregiver of someone with ADHD, you can take part in behavior therapy training programs to learn more about:

  • Behaviors caused by ADHD
  • Goals of behavior therapy
  • Behavior therapy techniques

It is likely that your loved one will need a combination of management options. You, your loved one with ADHD, and the community-based support team will need to work together to decide which management options are best. For younger (4-5 years of age) children, behavior therapy without medication may be recommended as the first line of treatment.