Study Buddies/Paired Learning

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What is a study buddy?

Many children with ADHD find it helpful to work with a classmate who helps them remember to complete their schoolwork and homework. This classmate may be called a study buddy. For older children, working with this type of partner may also be called "paired learning."

What does a study buddy do?

Study buddies help one another remember their schoolwork, homework, and tests. Study buddies can also assist with schoolwork and homework by helping their partners:

  • Practice skills they have learned
  • Study for tests

How can you find a study buddy for your child?

Speak with your child's teacher if you feel that working with a study buddy might help your child. If your child is in middle school or high school, talk to the teacher who teaches the subject with which your child needs extra help. Involve your child in this meeting.

Ask your child's teacher for help in finding a study buddy or paired-learning partner. (Note that study buddies may or may not be good friends with one another.) Let the teacher know if there is anything special your child would like to focus on while working with the study buddy.

Before your child starts to work with a study buddy, the teacher should let you and your child know about:

  • The guidelines your child and his or her study buddy should follow when working with one another
  • When they will meet and how long these meetings will last