How Is ADHD Managed?

ADHD Coaching

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While coaching can be helpful for people of all ages, it may be most beneficial for more mature, motivated individuals with ADHD. A professional ADHD coach can help your loved one learn skills and strategies to help manage daily tasks. Coaching provides structure, support, accountability, and empowers individuals to provide it for themselves.

An ADHD coach learns about your loved one's strengths and weaknesses and gives advice on how to:

  • Get more organized
  • Complete homework or work assignments and other tasks
  • Improve social skills
  • Make a plan to improve undesirable behaviors
  • Develop coping strategies

An ADHD coach can also provide tips on how to support your loved one as he or she works to achieve these goals.

Coaching is most effective for those who are ready to do the following (with the help of an ADHD coach):

  • Recognize the obstacles and challenges caused by ADHD
  • Make a plan to improve undesirable behaviors
  • Develop a strategy for carrying out the plan