Supporting Students With ADHD at Home

Reinforcing Good Behavior

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Providing feedback to your child is important. Reinforcing good behavior with rewards may lead to more good behavior in school, at home, and in social settings.

One way you can reinforce good behavior is by providing immediate, specific praise when your child does something well, such as:

  • "You remembered to bring home the homework for all of your classes."
  • "You did a good job following directions."
  • "You worked hard on your project today."

You can also use hand signals to let your child know that he or she has done something well. For instance, you could hold your fingers up in a "V" sign for "victory" or give a thumbs up when rules are followed. Writing short notes of praise to your child may also help, as well.

Keep in mind that although it may help to praise often, you should only do this when the praise is sincere. You may also want to teach your child with ADHD to practice self-praise, as this may also help encourage more good behavior. For instance, a parent could suggest that a child say something like "I worked hard on that project. It paid off."

One way to reinforce good behavior is through a weekly contract. A daily or weekly report card also may be useful.